solitude: the state or situation of being alone. The word itself, "solitude" means different things to different people. It is usually associated with negative connotations. The question that arises, is why? Why do people interpret this word as negative? Why has the positive aspect of it been buried under layers of fear and hatred? In … Continue reading solitude

shadows & light part 3

last part! did you guys like the shadow & light series? have you ever tried out this concept? let me know!! this was a last minute picture and it turned out as a nice silhouette also a mini riddle that is related to the topic: everyone has it, but no one can lose it. what … Continue reading shadows & light part 3

sky pictures part 4

What I like most is that you never see the same sky twice, every sky is unique and different and you see a new pattern everyday. Whether it's the different undertones of blues, pinks and yellows, or the number of wisps of clouds, every day you're guaranteed a new sky which leaves you wondering whether … Continue reading sky pictures part 4

Sandspit beach

I went to sandspit the other day and I had always heard about its beauty but when I went I was absolutely blown away. Especially at sunset, the beach adopted a rather calm and pleasant atmosphere which made the experience all the more fun.