A Gift

A hole, an empty pit of darkness in my heart, was made aware to me on a fine sunny day. “That’s odd,” I mused, for surely even the most sorrowful and miserable individual would be jovial and merry on such a beautiful day. The Sun was beaming, bright as ever. The sky was bluer thanContinue reading “A Gift”

Merry Christmas! 🎄

Ah, the most wonderful time of the year is here, it’s finally Christmas!! But due to the ongoing pandemic and being stuck at home, it doesn’t really feel like the most wonderful time of year, does it? It’s enough to dampen even the most ecstatic persons mood. Nevertheless, the human race continues to astonish meContinue reading “Merry Christmas! 🎄”

The everlasting influence of media

It’s no surprise that covid-19 has impacted all our lives in various ways. One of the major changes was lockdown, and most of us found ourselves stuck at home. Boredom was inevitable. Which was when we turned to art, in all forms. A lot of us can say that we binge watched shows and moviesContinue reading “The everlasting influence of media”

Protests for Peace – do they really work?

Here’s an article I wrote a while ago: Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” -Martin Luther King Throughout history, there have been several protests for various different reasons. Protests take up precious time, money and can usually turn violent. So the real question here is that politically,Continue reading “Protests for Peace – do they really work?”

raindrops: soulful crystal balls

here comes the rain, they said all is right now, but i feel trapped suffocated dizzy does this feeling of loneliness ever go away? what part of me isn’t broken? here comes the rain, they said it’ll wash away the bad and help you start afresh the rain came and went mirrored my emotions andContinue reading “raindrops: soulful crystal balls”


solitude: the state or situation of being alone. The word itself, “solitude” means different things to different people. It is usually associated with negative connotations. The question that arises, is why? Why do people interpret this word as negative? Why has the positive aspect of it been buried under layers of fear and hatred? InContinue reading “solitude”